Kieran & Tracey @ Maunsel House – May 2013

Wow. What a day! A late morning Start at Maunsel House, a beautiful 13th Century Manor set in some very large and pretty amazing  grounds near Taunton. The sun was already baking by the time I arrived. Kieran was out setting up the Medieval tents in the grounds and Tracey was due in 45 minutes…Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 01The bride arrived in a beautiful Rolls Royce, followed by her “Pink Ladies” in a vintage Daimler.  At this point Kieran and his entourage were told to stay in the bar. A task I am sure that they would not find too difficult.Maunsel-House-Wedding-Photographer-01The bride and her ladies made their way up to the Kings Room, for a few last minute tweaks, a spot of houmous and the mandatory registrar meeting.Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 04Due to the incredible weather , the ceremony happened as planned out on the lawn surrounded by so many wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting as the day progressed.Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 05The grounds were as I mentioned … amazing! We took the opportunity (after afternoon tea) to take advantage of the low sun and walk around the house and grounds creating some photos of the new Mr & Mrs Neale.Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 06

Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 07The décor of the house was also used with the addition of my mobile lighting…Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 08The guests were treated to a display by Bowlore, a local medieval Sword and Archery display group, with a chance to try their hand!Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 10The evening crept up on everyone, the cake was cut and the bride and groom were invited to the dance floor.Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 11As the evening progressed, there were many photo opportunities to be had, a few requests and some other lightly orchestrated shots that gave the happy couple exactly what they wanted.Maunsel House Wedding Photographer 12As usual I was so pleased to hear the brides squeaks of delight when they viewed the photos for the first time.  Congratulations again Mr & Mrs Neale, it was a privilege to be your wedding photographer.

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